A story of a log house

Everything started from an inter-friends debate on whether to buy an apartment or build a house? As a friend spent most of his life just living in the apartment, the main advantage for him was privacy. Another thing that played a more important role, was that since many of us have to spend the first half of the day between office walls, then the home should be significantly different from office. “When you come home, you do not have the feeling that you are still in the office”, thought a friend and we agree.

There was nothing to wait anymore – on the very first night the first sketches were drawn. Our mission was to build a log house, which could compete with the apartment prices. The house must be with the optimum dimensions, which needs to be very well thought out and useless square meters. All this was taken under consideration by the architect till the result of satisfaction. The house came with 83m2 (3 bedrooms, a comfortable kitchen and living-room area, and bathroom. For room saving technical equipment (heat pump, water unit, electric shield) were fitted in the bathroom. When project was ready, the building of a log house core in the factory started immediately.

The house was decided to make from a 25cm thick pine logs with flat sides.

In the beginning of a spring the construction of the foundation began immediately, as the log core was already waiting to be fitted at the place it must be for centuries. 

The whole inner floor was elevated to a higher level to prevent cold getting under the floor.

The house geothermal heating system was chosen  used with water-based floor heating – well built log house does not require additional arrays for heating.

Wooden windows-doors were ordered from the Aru Group, which has very good quality products.

The monier’s elegant plus roof tile was used as the roof tile material, which fits very well with the  ancient style log houses. The roof is surely the most suitable for the log house, because under its weight logs from the pre-drying will be compressed to a tight form.

As the client expressed himself the desire wasn’t to build not just another usual log house, but own something, witch will be different from the masses. Thats why the house also got a lot of special features (carvings , crossed arches, crafted window frames, etc.).

The house was completed in 4 months, and the result was very satisfying for client and a builder. it wasn’t just a house, but future home to a great family. The customer is convinced that even if there is ever a need for other criteria for home, then surely it will be a log house.