About log houses

For years the old Estonians have lived in log houses and certainly for a reason. The living environment of a log house is healthy because the whole house is breathful, or in other words, natural ventilation occurs.

The wood acts like a Svamm which, in the event of excessive moisture, sucks it in and, in the case of dry air, lets it again in the environment.

Attaching to the wall of all types of lockers, pictures and hooks is a piece of cake – screw them into the wall and the mounted object is stuck inside the wood like a rock.

the walls of a log house are monolithic, witch will give you a peace of mind, that there wont be any humidity between different layers, like there can be in a standard house. 

In addition, a properly constructed log house is a house, which in fact can be used from generations to come. This has been proved by our ancestors already enough that the log houses are also on the dignity of the 100 year.

There are many positive aspects in the log house, but in particular, the person must feel it. That is why we also have a sample house in Kloogaranna, which clients can visit to get the proper touch about log house.